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Du-Power New Energy was invited to participate in the group standard initiation meeting of "Technical Specifications for Conductive Charging Facilities of Electrochemical Energy Storage Devices"


On October 21, 2019, the group standard initiation meeting of "Technical Specifications for Conductive Charging Facilities for Electrochemical Energy Storage Devices" was held in Shanghai, from related industry associations and scientific research institutions, OEMs, battery companies, operating companies, and storage equipment development More than 40 experts from the company participated in the meeting, and Wang Haizheng, the director of R & D of D & P New Energy, attended the meeting and spoke on behalf of the company.

The meeting affirmed the important role of storage and charging facilities in application scenarios such as insufficient power distribution, peak cutting and valley filling, and battery echelon utilization. It analyzed the trend of interaction between storage and charging facilities and the power grid in the development of electric vehicles in the future. The technical characteristics, application scenarios, charging safety, charging function and test methods are discussed in depth.

At the meeting, our company's R & D Director Wang Haifang came to speak on behalf of the company. Wang Haifang introduced our company's storage and filling piles in detail in terms of design concepts, performance and functions, safety protection technology, and application scenarios. Its characteristics of no capacity expansion, safety and efficiency, intelligent energy supplement, value-added diagnosis, advertising, and human-computer interaction were obtained. The consensus of the participating experts was recognized.

Wang Haifang said that Du-Power had a high sense of social responsibility at the beginning of its establishment, taking “enabling new energy and new travel” as its mission, based on the user experience, in order to solve the “difficult to charge”, “recharge expensive”, and “recharge safety” of electric vehicles. The core pain point is to focus on the development of a series of vehicle-grade storage and filling piles that can be used without electric capacity expansion, short construction period, and can be used by Gudianfeng, and supplemented with "macro + micro data monitoring" intelligent operation and maintenance monitoring platform to ensure the charging process Predictable, early warning, controllable and traceable, escorting electric vehicles.
During the meeting, the participating experts also had a lively discussion on key technical issues such as storage system topology, harmonic measurement, system efficiency measurement, BMS and battery and PCS communication, battery safety, and use environment.

Finally, the meeting determined the standardization of labor division and follow-up work plan. At the same time, it was decided to study and confirm the specific application scenarios of storage facilities, from the conditions of use, battery safety, electrical safety, electromagnetic compatibility, internal and external communication protocols, fault codes, and Special environmental requirements coordinate with the standardization work carried out by the Standardization Committee of Energy Storage Facilities, and accelerate the development of standards.