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Du-Power New Energy establishes the mission of “New Energy·New Travel” and insists on promoting the progress of new energy industry through technologi...

Du-Power New Energy successfully passed ASPICE CL2 certification and obtained a certificate.


ASPICE(AutomotiveSPICE), the SPICE (Software Process Improvement and CapabilityMeasurement) standard for the automotive industry. ASPICE integrates theexcellent experience of the international automotive industry in softwaredevelopment management, and is increasingly becoming an important qualificationevaluation requirement for software vendors by automakers, and has aninternationally recognized authority. It is reported that Volkswagen, BMW,Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and other world-renowned OEMs and their suppliers havepassed ASPICE certification.

Thanks to the company's high-level advanced quality management thinking, Dupuhas adopted the strategic thinking of “talent + process” since its inception,established a high-quality, highly-educated R & D team, and based on thequality management system of the automotive industry Furthermore,forward-looking planning uses ASPICE to standardize software developmentprocesses.

Since 2018, the company's software development team, through continuousefforts, has finally polished the R & D process system that is in line withthe company's development strategy and product types. It has comprehensivelyimproved its software and hardware capabilities in terms of processes,technologies, tools, etc. Company product market competitiveness.

In the future, the company will continue to upgrade software and hardwarerequirements and quality management concepts, seize opportunities inchallenges, continue to write new chapters, and innovate again!